is One Year Old Today!

I started my Brick House 319 blog one year ago today on a lark. I never thought it would take off, let alone go viral with 79,021 hits on the first day. As of today, the blog has gotten almost 1.3 million views and almost 5000 comments.


I have been a contributing blogger on Huffington Post since 2010 (bloggers write for free on Huffington in exchange for promoting a blog or website under their byline). I published Brick House 319’s first blog post on Huffington. Thousands and thousands of readers were intrigued with our story about buying a house that needed a tremendous amount of work. They clicked through to my blog and the number reached to 79,021 views in one day. I was floored to say the least.

In the six years that I have been blogging on Huffington, the most popular post I had written was about a knitting vacation on a schooner in Maine; it got over 2000 hits. And, yes, even an innocuous article about knitting received nasty comments! Can you imagine!

Fast forward to today, one year later, and the blog is still going strong. In a nutshell, the house has been re-built, a 2-story addition was added, and we’re still working on it everyday from morning til night.

Thank you to all of my subscribed blog followers who have stayed with me for the entire year and for all your positive comments and compliments. I hope you’ll continue to watch our progress as we go from one project to the next!

Carpe Diem!





18 thoughts on “ is One Year Old Today!

  1. It has been a wonderful blog full of information…and so fun to share your “finds” and Glory moments! As always…sending you the best ever Thank you!

  2. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary!!! I have been here from the beginning and have enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks so much for the time you give and sharing your experiences!

  3. I’m proud to count myself as one of your early followers. I love all that has happened. You are an excellent writer and John is just Superman! ;-D

    I wish you all the best!

  4. I too have followed and enjoyed all your posts almost from the beginning. It has been fascinating to see the transformation of your house. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us.

  5. Sue, as others have said, “It’s been a fascinating journey..” I’ll add also inspiring & informative.

    Few of us could imagine doing this kind of enormous project; however, observing you & John as such a great/supportive team is the “inspiring” part. Congratulations!!

    P.S. As an early follower, as well, I have just one request on this First Year Anniversary:

  6. Wow, one year! T has been fun and interesting following and although I don’t comment often I do thoroughly each entry.

  7. I’m trying to remember if I found you originally on Huffington Post or if it was an article on Curbed. Either way, it was early on and I’ve loved reading every update. Congrats on both your anniversary and on the progress you’ve made.

    I look forward to seeing and reading about your ongoing progress.

  8. Happy Anniversary! I found you on Huffington Post so I guess I’m one of the 79,000. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you!

  9. I was one of those 79,000 first day viewers and commenters.

    Has it been a year already?

    You should have some cake.

  10. Congratulations Sue & John,

    Your project is rather unique and very unlike other rehab shows frequently seen on TV where the work is done at a rapid pace, short-lived and for commercial purposes.

    However, it reminds us that honest, hard work has it’s benefits and it brings to mind the pioneer spirit and the two of you are the perfect couple to undertake such an enormous project. I’ve been amazed since day one.

    Thank you so much for your time and dedication in sharing your work and so much more along the way.

  11. Congratulations! You and John have done soooooo much in a year! It’s been fascinating to follow along, but even more INCREDIBLY instructive for me as a reader. You’ve done your research about so much that you’ve made my soon-to-be forays into remodeling our home so much easier! From windows and exhaust fans to insulation and proper site grading your blog has been my own private tutorial! Cheers to you both! xo

  12. Congratulations ! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your journey, from day one ! Keep up the good work. Making New Jersey proud !! From your fan, Mark the Mason.

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