Taping & Applying “Mud” in Basement


Today, John taped and spackled the drywall in the basement.


It’s time consuming…


We purchased drywall joint tape at Home Depot.


And we also purchased mold resistant tape.


Corner bead is for exterior corners and tape is for interior corners.

Next: Sanding

9 thoughts on “Taping & Applying “Mud” in Basement

  1. Nice job ! Taping and floating is a really hard job and important to the overall integrity of the space. I was pondering on how many calories it takes to keep weight on John ! Am so impressed with the work you guys are doing !! Like the idea of wide stripes.

  2. I doubt I need to mention this, but I’m going to do so just in case. Don’t forget that you can get mildewicide additives for your paint to keep from having mold/mildew issues as well.

  3. No sound insulation between the basement ceiling and the floor above? I don’t suppose anyone will be tap dancing above your while you work. Just figured since John is meticulous and into overkill that space would be insulated too.

  4. I’m guessing that the rectangular opening up and to the left of where the washing machine hookups are is a recess for a flatscreen TV (?). I can’t figure out the other one down by the floor though. Does the dog have a TV too????

    Or are those openings related to the HVAC system?

    1. The opening to the left is where the basement window will be installed. The opening down on the right is the fireplace cleanout. I don’t plan on having a flatscreen TV in the basement.

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