Painting the New Basement Wall

Yesterday morning, I left the house at 4am to work a trip to Jamaica. While I was away, John sanded and primed the east wall with Kilz 123.



The square opening to the right is the fireplace cleanout. The square opening on the upper left hand side is where the basement window will be installed. The gas pipe and duct opening for the Maytag gas dryer is the center of the photo. The Maytag washing machine will be to the left of the dryer, and to the left of the washer, will be the utility sink.


When I returned home at 8pm, I walked downstairs and saw the freshly primed wall with one coat; John had started rolling the second coat.

The wall is really bright and cheerful. Since the lighting isn’t installed in the basement yet, the three work lamps cast huge shadows and the photo doesn’t do justice to the clean, bright white wall.

John finished the second primer coat last night. This morning the Maytag washing machine and dryer were hooked up; I’m ecstatic to have both appliances. Since we sold our house in NJ almost three years ago, I have lived with the inconvenience of not having a washer and dryer. Another lesson learned; I’ll never take for granted the luxury of having both appliances at my disposal.

7 thoughts on “Painting the New Basement Wall

  1. Great progress ! I, too, have been without w/d on occasion and have learned to value them greatly (esp if you have pets and/or children ! And the dishwasher- love my dishwasher !! What about pale blue or lavender and white stripes ? Excited to see what you choose. John is doing a wonderful job. Hope the book gets funded- I’d love to read it. This is what is known as a run on sentence- how NOT to write !!! LOL

    1. I have never had a dishwasher. The Maytag dishwasher that we got for the kitchen will be my first dishwasher!!! I can’t wait for the day that it’s hooked up. I hope the crowdfund will be successful; I would love to continue writing the book I started a year ago. 🙂

      1. Read the book it comes with. Running a cycle with just vinegar every once in a while does a lot to keep it in top shape.

        When I installed mine, I put extra insulation around the sides, top and back to cut the noise. (That is some of the price differences between machines; noise level). It really made a difference. It’s just a cheap G.E. but I can hardly hear it when it’s running. I just used solid foam insulation. Maybe 1/2 inch.

  2. How does the fireplace cleanout work in your pristine laundry room? is it a chimney cleanout that is only used twice a year? I’m loving the progress <3

  3. Another stellar job by John…the wall looks so smooth and bright! That awful yellow is just a distant memory. 😀

  4. When taping a but joint ( square edge ) the mud should be about 18 inches wide. Or wider if necessary. A light held next to the wall will show where mud is needed.
    And, again, I find it really helps to push the paper edges below the wall plane with a smooth round tool. I use a ball peen hammer.
    There are ways to move the but joint away from a stud and form a taper using plywood strips as a backer. Are y0u going for a class 5 finish?

  5. There is nothing like a pure white wall.

    I love white. Not off white or ivory. Pure white.

    When I moved into my house I painted all of the walls white and they were white for the longest time. Eventually, room by room I decided on a color and dove in. One room is wallpapered. One room is painted with stencils. I’ve ragged three rooms and done some faux marbling on some trim. Now the only rooms that remain white are the kitchen and bathroom. I’ve even painted my ceilings with color, except for the kitchen and bathroom.

    I don’t find it cold at all. I consider it clean. And a blank canvas on which to paint color with room elements.

    Did you get a regular washer and dryer or did you opt for one of those fancy colored ones on a platform that does fancy stuff?

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