Dansko Clogs: My Work Shoes

Dansko PRO XP Black

My favorite work & travel shoes: Dansko Professional Clogs

I wear Dansko clogs when I’m at work on airplanes for their superior comfort and sturdy platform. My duty days are sometimes 14 hours long and it’s mandatory that I have comfortable and durable shoes. And when I come home, I wear my other pair of Dansko “work” clogs while working in the house.


Right-out-of-the-box-comfort: Dansko Professional Pro Cabrio Clogs.  

I have to admit I’m not one to wear clogs with skirts–at work, I wear them with uniform pants, and at home, with jeans and cords.



3 thoughts on “Dansko Clogs: My Work Shoes

  1. My Dansko Pros are now 5 years old. I honestly have a love/hate relationship with them. I’d love to wear cute little heals with sweet exposed toes to work, but I can’t help but appreciate these tanks for their protection. I’ve braved armies of kids, rainstorms, miles and miles of sidewalks and have kicked through many doors … not a dent or a scratch on them. There is no need to think twice about kicking something out of your way or if your feet will be able to hold up for 7 hours of standing. Not the sexiest things, but great investments or working feet. 🙂

  2. I feel about my SAS shoes the way you feel about your Danskos.

    I have a pair of SAS clogs and wear them a lot in the winter with socks.

    In the summer I have several SAS sandals I wear.

    I started wearing them a few years ago when my chiropractor told me I needed to get a pair of really good shoes because my poor footwear was contributing to my back problems.

    I bought one pair and never looked back. They aren’t the most attractive shoes in the world but they feel great on my feet.

    Your clogs are beautiful. Nothing like a new pair of shoes. And I notice they are very generous in the toe. Whoever decided that women never have wide feet was an idiot. Men can have wide and double wide feet but it’s not feminine to have big feet so we will only make shoes in narrow and medium width. Huh? It’s like the western world’s version of foot binding. And I really hate the pointy toe fashion. Best way to ruin your feet. Buying several sizes bigger doesn’t help at all. There have been entire decades when I couldn’t buy shoes because none of them fit because of those pointy toes.

    Now I don’t care. I just wear my SAS.

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