TV Show Casting Agent e-Mailed Me Last Night

Last night, I checked my inbox for emails. There was one email jumping out at me with the title “House Flippers Needed for TV Show.” My first thought; “Here we go again, someone didn’t do their homework and at least read the ABOUT US page on my blog.”

After last year’s experience with a NYC-based casting agent for a well-known cable network, I didn’t get excited moving my mouse over the email title and clicking on it.

It was late and we were watching a movie. I clicked on the title, the email opened up, and guess what it said? The person introduced himself as someone who works in the casting department for a well-known LA-based production company. He explained that he discovered my crowdfund on Kickstarter.

He briefly explained how they are looking for house flippers for a TV show and people that are in the business of flipping houses.

Well, we’re not house flippers, we’ve never been house flippers, and we’re not in the business of flipping houses, so why was I contacted? Did he look at the forlorn-looking house photo on my Kickstarter page and make assumptions? The house that has a story behind it worthy of an eBook. Do flippers invest this amount of time, energy and money into a house?

Flippers don’t dump tons of money into a house. They don’t invest in top of the line heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical work. We all know how flippers go about the business of flipping. That’s not us. It will never be us. We’re not the least bit interested in the flipping business. As a matter of fact, I stear clear of flippers.

While I’m on the topic of cable TV shows, casting agents pick or choose a “certain type,” a personality type that viewers “relate” to or whatever…have you ever watched how people act when they’re chosen from the audience on “The Price is Right?” Never in my life could I ever act that way, ever–not even if they paid me to act that way. And it’s the same thing for all of these cableshows about flipping, renovating, buying a house–all of which I don’t watch. They choose couples that fit into a certain “type” and it’s not me, it’s not us. And from what I have heard, the pay isn’t that great.

In wrapping this post up, the agent also asked if I know of anyone who flips houses or is in the business of flipping houses, and if so, to let him know. I wonder if I would get a finder’s fee?

5 thoughts on “TV Show Casting Agent e-Mailed Me Last Night

  1. Well said.

    Perhaps PBS should do a series of This Old House about your adventure. Those cable tv shows just appeal to the lowest common denominator in viewing land.

  2. Sue – Re your post about John looking for a helper to install the siding.
    I have had several workmen/contractors who found wonderful help
    by going to Home Depot and staying in the appropriate department
    (plumbing, electrical, etc.) for awhile. They spoke with others who
    came to that area and found some great workers. Maybe it would
    work for John.

    1. Yes, we have tried this at Home Depot several times. Since we shop their daily, we know several employees who have also tried to track down a couple of carpenters down, but as of yet, we haven’t had any luck. Thanks for the comment and we’ll keep trying! 🙂

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