The HardieShingle Siding Installation Has Begun

Joe & John popping a line…image

They started the Arctic White HardieShingle straight edge siding at the back of the house today (beneath the kitchen window).


Each straight edge panel is 4ft long.

imageMore later…

6 thoughts on “The HardieShingle Siding Installation Has Begun

  1. Love Hardie board. Painted tons of board feet for the cottage; siding was primed; trim was primed and painted. Good stuff and is holding up to Northern Michigan weather after about 10 years. Good choice.

  2. I, too, am a great fan of Hardie board siding. Have it as lap siding on the back of my current house. Have had it on other houses also. So exciting, this will change the whole character of the house ! Thank you for this blog, I get great enjoyment from it.

  3. This is all pre-primed and painted so you don’t have to do anything and it is pretty much maintenance free, at least for a while. Right?

    Well, if I ever win the lottery I might consider replacing the siding on my house with something like this already pre-primed and painted. It would give me a chance to insulate the entire house without having to ruin all of my interior walls or my exterior siding.

    Once they finish the back I look forward to the new photo at the top.

    1. Yes, it’s completely maintenance free. It has colorplus technology (Hardie trademark) and is primed and painted. Touch-up kit are included to touch up the exposed cement edge on each panel.

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