Northern Tool: Ironton Drywall & Panel Hoist for DIY Drywall

Now that the siding is ALMOST finished, John’s next job will be to drywall the entire 2875 sf house. In order to install the sheetrock by himself, he needs a drywall lift.

I searched for one and came across an 11 ft. Ironton Drywall & Panel Hoist on Northern Tool. It has a 150lb capacity and will work perfectly for the big DIY drywall project that will probably take a couple of months to complete.

drywall lift

Photo Provided by Northern Tool

I contacted Northern Tool and they are generously providing the drywall hoist to us gratuitously. It has been shipped and we’re waiting for its arrival. John can’t wait to try it out. He asked me this morning when it will arrive and I said maybe today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, we’ve had several days of rain. Once the sun comes back out, the siding will resume. The front of the house will be next along with building a small roof for the bay window.

We’re also waiting for the soffit order to arrive. Next, we have to think about getting gutters!

6 thoughts on “Northern Tool: Ironton Drywall & Panel Hoist for DIY Drywall

  1. We have that lift. It works great! Gets borrowed ALOT! Nice thing to get for free. Another thing John may wish to purchase is a pair of drywall stilts. They take a bit of practice, but it really saves on steps and time going up and down a ladder!

  2. Nice.

    Perhaps John can do a guest post review of the hoist?

    There are stilts for mudding and taping too. Not sure if they are the same thing, but they are supposed to come in plenty handy.

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