Building the Bay Window Roof



Joe established the frame for the bay window roof.


Lucky Joe: He had first dibs at using the new Dewalt Jobsite Table Saw.


When I walked outside, Joe said, “The saw sailed right through the boards.”


Angles are coming together…


This is is exactly what we wanted for the roof!


Finally, we found someone with great carpentry skills. As one blog follower said, “He’s a keeper.” So true…


By the end of the day, we had an almost-finished roof. John added his trusty foam to seal gaps and prevent leaks.

image image

All sealed up and ready for the next phase…

2 thoughts on “Building the Bay Window Roof

  1. Whoa, that is the true test of whether someone knows their stuff. And he does.

    Those angles are not easy.

    It is a thing of beauty.

    Boy, you sure did score when you found Joe.

    I can’t wait to see the window all trimmed out and with a roof on it.

    Did you decide if it would be copper or something else?

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