Before & After Photos: Front Window

That was then…


BEFORE: This photo was taken the very first day we showed up to start work at Brick House 319 (in late July 2014). The front living room window was completely obscured by a shrub gone wild.

Phone photos 123

This is what we accomplished on that first day. John cut down the shrubs and trees that cloaked the entire house. The old living room window is now expose on the right side. You can see the old Ham radio antennae on all four corners of the chimney which severely damaged the masonry.


This is now…

Joe did a great job on the roof. In this photo, he’s adding Ice & Water Shield  to the sheathing




He then added the starter strip and the first course.


He’ll be back to add copper counter flashing when he finishes the shingles.


7 thoughts on “Before & After Photos: Front Window

  1. So nice to see it roofed. I have a similar pair of bays in our 1920 craftsman style (one in kitchen one in dining room) used to look amazing with the original rolled copper roofing. Alas now shingled thanks to too many hail storms. What happened to your Instagram account. I miss the pictures.

    1. Thanks for alerting me about my Instagram account not linking correctly; something must have happened which I wasn’t aware of–I’ll fix it.

  2. It’s looking more like home every step of the way. Do you have any idea when you’re going to be able to move in? Or, did I miss that?

  3. I see you’ve updated your home picture at the top.

    Very nice job on the front bay window.

    It there going to be some sort of trim along the top of the window to fill in the gap between the window and the roof?

  4. Talk about a real before and after shot! Y’all have come so far and it’s been truly instructional to follow along. Thanks for the link to your Instagram account, somehow after all this time I managed to miss it, but I’m following you now! xo

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