That Was Then, This Is Now

August 2014

I took the following two photos of the back of Brick House 319 in August 2014. The amount of work ahead of us was frightening.


We had no clue what was under the tarp or in the bunker on the right?


Yesterday, I stood in the same area and took the following photo of what Brick House 319 looks like now. The majority of the siding has been installed (we have to order more).

The transformation is almost hard to believe–this photo is my new header photo on the home page of my blog.


Classic and clean…

Tomorrow, the soffit will be delivered. We’ll continue with the drywall room by room…



25 thoughts on “That Was Then, This Is Now

  1. Wow! Radical before and after photos.

    What’s been the reaction of your neighbors to all the changes? Have they been very supportive?

  2. I went back yesterday to look at some of the pictures from the early posts. It really is a remarkable transformation. No matter how long it takes, I am sure Brickhouse319 will be beautiful, warm and a special place for you and John to live.

  3. you guys have been absolutely AMAZING … and John is a SUPERMAN for sure!!
    I loved following you and i will really miss this when it stops.
    CONGRATULATIONS and many many years of joy in your beautiful home.

  4. Wow – I have followed you since soon after you started your blog… I forgot how ‘bad’ it was at the start. You are doing a remarkable job! Do you have an idea of when you can move in?

    1. It’s a little shocking to look at the “Before” photos, especially now. At least I can say I know how a house is built.

  5. Mazel tov! It looks so beautiful and strong…….my parents (just the two of them) built our home from the ground up, so I understand and appreciate all you and John have accomplished…….

  6. I have followed you since the Huff Post. MThe transformation is amazing! And to think John has done the majority of the work!

  7. Looks wonderful. Such hard work and so many changes….countless dumpsters, all that stuff. You two are miracle workers! Pretty soon it’ll be done.
    What’s your new favorite part of your renovated home?

  8. Yes, it has come a very long way since the first posts.

    It’s been a year since you’ve expelled the hoard and started the renewal of this house.

    I’m sure they house is happy, smiling and breathing a sigh of joy in anticipation of the new life it will embrace.

  9. I’ve been watching since day 1. I feel so connected to you and your story. Like someone stated above, I will be sad when it’s done.

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