Second Guest Bedroom

It’s already been a couple of weeks since John finished the drywall in the second guest bedroom. This is a 10′ x 12′ bedroom with a 2  1/2 x 3  1/2 closet. It’s located next to the original master bedroom which will also be a guest bedroom.

I plan to also use this spare bedroom as a crafts/art room.


John used 12′ Sheetrock panels and did the ceiling first using the indispensable drywall panel hoist. We bought all of our Sheetrock at Home Depot.


It took a full day for John to drywall the guest bedroom by himself. He had to measure and cut out the holes in the ceiling panels for the high hats, ceiling fan, ducts and smoke detector. He measures three times and cuts once. Because of this, he hasn’t made one mistake cutting any of the Sheetrock panels.


For the panels on the lower part of the walls, he had to measure and cut holes for the outlets.


Here is the 10×12 bedroom looking out the open west window. The drywall is finished and ready for taping and “mud” followed with sanding. The subfloor will soon have wide plank wood flooring.


BEFORE: Doesn’t the insulation look cozy? Now that it’s hot out, the insulation helps keep the house cool too.


AFTER: Now I can think about what color to paint this room.


BEFORE: The 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 closet on the east wall. This wall backs up to the third bedroom and smallest bedroom which will be my office.


John is ready to cut out the closet.


AFTER: The closet is finished. I’m standing in the bedroom looking down the hallway that has 6 steps leading down into the living room with vaulted ceiling.


If any of you are considering a home DIY project which includes installing drywall, and you’ve never done it before, it is possible to do it yourself or with a friend. This bedroom would be a good size for a DIY project.

For a one room drywall project, rent the Drywall Panel Hoist. If you already have all the other tools required (drill, ladders, hammer, etc), all you will need to buy is the Sheetrock, screws and the tape and bucket of spackle. You’ll save lots of money by doing it yourself.

We had two drywall quotes from two drywall businesses. Both bids were $11,000 for the whole house (2850sf). We have saved THOUSANDS of dollars by doing the drywall ourselves. When it’s all finished, I’ll give you the exact amount that we spent on material.




8 thoughts on “Second Guest Bedroom

  1. What colors are you considering? I love color. May do a little painting in my new apartment, we’ll see. Gettin’ old !! Miss my blues, purples, and greens in my last house.

    You guys are doing a great job !! John is definitely a construction god !!!! 🙂

    An, yes, my bunny lamps go where I go !!!

      1. What about orange-lots of various shades out there- very energizing ! Some purple accents– yum !! Should be easy to decide as there are only a few BILLION options !!!!! LOL-enjoy !!!!

    1. Maybe! We haven’t found a person to do the taping and mud so John might do that himself too. He’d rather hire someone though. It’s tough to find someone.

  2. Maybe the guy who helped with the siding would know someone to help with the taping? It has been my experience construction trade dudes seem to have a network of good guys they trust and would use themselves. Check with your chimney mason too.

  3. I enjoy mud and tape. It’s not that hard, especially compared to installing drywall. But everyone has their preferences. I prefer plumbing to electrical, my Dad is the opposite.

    I have a little folding table just like that one only shorter. I bought it to take with me on watercolor outings. A just in case item on sale.

    Have you thought about floor coverings yet? For a craft room a laminate wood floor with tight seems would allow you to sweep up spilled whatever fairly easily. The house is so well insulated you wouldn’t have to do carpet for warmth. I like hardwood and tile myself. My parents prefer carpet except in the kitchen and bathroom.

    You have wonderful light in the second guest room/craft room. You’ll have a wonderful breeze with both of those windows open too.

  4. I enjoy your blog and wish I was there to help. When are you planning to move into the house – when this guest bedroom is finished?

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