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Yesterday, I was planting stargazer lily bulbs and literally two of my garden trowel handles snapped off; they were old and dry rotted.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to stop everything and run out to the store to buy another garden tool. I had just received a new Garden Caddy shipped to me from Picnic Time the previous day.


The Garden Caddy includes a 4-piece garden tool set with wood handles (steel cultivator/rake, steel weeder & steel trowel & metal alloy trowel with wood handles & hanging straps.)

When I opened the box and started using the Garden Caddy I thought it would be a great gift to give a gardener or a city dweller who has container gardens.  Obviously, a gardener can never have too many garden tools; they eventually break just as mine did.

The accordion-style caddy has a snap on each side; the panels inside allow the basket to fold in on itself for easy storage. The removable inner floor board can be used to divide the caddy into two sections.


In this photo the caddy is expanded. The floor board is stored on the right side. I pulled it out and placed it in the center to divide the caddy into two sections (below).


The caddy expands with plenty of space to hold more garden tools, twine & garden markers, etc. I placed bulbs in it and toted them from one spot to the next. It’s lightweight due to the stationary aluminum handle and polyester green body.

The open expanded caddy is 15.75 x 9.5 x 8.5


The dimensions for the caddy folded: 10 x 2.25 x 15.3175 (Handle)

Would I purchase this for myself or as a gift? YES. It’s reasonably priced on Amazon for $40.91 Father’s Day is just around the corner!




2 thoughts on “Garden Caddy Review

  1. That looks very handy. I have a tote that doubles as a seat with a bag that attaches with velcro so you can remove it.

    This is my most favorite garden tool:

    I love it. I can dig in the dirt and scoop dirt out of the bag or a pot.

    I also have two cast aluminum trowels. One is thin for planting bulbs, although we don’t do that much of it here as our weather can’t support bulbs. Gladiolus and Iris mostly.

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