The Walk-in Closet

John finished installing the Sheetrock in the master bedroom walk-in closet, located in the new 2-story addition. It took about five hours to complete by himself.


He used a 10′ Sheetrock panel on the ceiling and a sawzall to cut out the attic access.


There are four high hats in the closet eliminating the need for extraneous lighting.


We chose to have one outlet in the closet which is to the left of the entrance.

Soon I’ll be designing the walk-in closet. A streamlined design with open shelves, drawers, bins and hanging rods will create a clutter-free and functional layout.

A built-in dresser will be included in the design.




18 thoughts on “The Walk-in Closet

  1. I have seen a lot of builds here in Texas-several that were custom in the 600 range and never have I seen sheetrock installed as well as this- I am so impressed ! John is such a perfectionist-wonderful ! Still, Be Careful !!! Love all the plants and gardening tidbits- am now in an apartment and really miss my garden. Have a productive day !

    1. Aside from the huge expense of hiring a drywall team to do the job, they more than likely would not do the meticulous job that John has done. And, even though installing the drywall himself is a lot of work, the results are beautiful. I guess this is why real estate agents love to promote a “Contractor-owned” house.

      Now that you’re in an apartment, can you have a portable small raised garden bed? I’m going to be writing about one soon (later in the month).

      1. I might-am upstairs and my knees are a bit troublesome but, I would really like to see what you have in mind. Right now I am growing basil in a can (seriously, found it at a natural food store _ they’re sprouting so, we’ll see. Get a lot of afternoon sun. BTW, that utility knife you suggested is the best ever !!!

  2. Putting an outlet in is a great idea! You can use it for an iron, or a steamer. It’s the small details that really make a huge difference!

    1. Agreed – you can never have too many electrical outlets (throughout the house). I live in a 1920’s bungalow – much of which still has knob and tube (?) in the walls and ceilings. And only eight light switches in the entire two bedroom, one bath house!

      If I need to steam clothing, I hang it in the bathroom when I take a shower. Any wrinkles that take more than that (example: needing an iron) go to the dry cleaners because I am the type to scorch clothes if I foolishly try to iron something.

      My uses for a plug in the master closet if I had a house like yours would probably run more towards a small wine fridge – or maybe a coffee maker. Although since I’d have two electrical plugs on that outlet, I could do both!!

  3. Supposedly my house was built by a contractor for his daughter. It is well built. That was one of the things the Realtor used to sell it to us.

  4. Maybe set the light in the closet [we did it for all our closets] to come on when the door is opened, and turn off when the door is closed? Switch like the refrigerator light switch. We LOVE therm. We put a fluorescent light above the doors to give light focused ON the contents, without using space that otherwise might be used for storage.

    1. That’s a good tip. We designed the lighting with four recessed ceiling high hats with a dimmer. But I like your idea motion detector light idea 🙂

      1. I don’t think she means motion sensitive. I’ve had this and it is wonderful. The button juts out of the door trim and when you shut the door it pushes on the button and breaks the connection turning off the light. However, oddly enough, I was once in my huge closet with the door closed —- dark !!! Maybe have a override switch in case.

  5. What on earth are John and you going to do after working so very hard on this house? Other than collapsing for 6 months. By the way, the master closet is bigger than some apartments I’ve had!

  6. Excellent spot for a pull down ladder for attic access. Mine is in the hallway but no other place to put it. It is so much better than having to so set up a ladder every time I need to go up in the attic.

    I enjoyed putting custom systems in all of my closets. I turned the guest room closet which is really my sewing and computer room into fabric storage for quilting. I put a shoe rack and storage for long on one side of my bedroom closet and two short on the other and I put in drawers and cupboards in my “library” closet with just a short pole for sweaters and coats. I love the flexibility of each one. Just be sure you use a good system, not a cheapie from Home Depot.

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