My Favorite Luggage is TUMI

I didn’t realize my blog post on my LL Bean boat & tote bag(s) would be that popular. A few of you asked questions about the luggage brand(s) that I use on the job and during personal travel.

While I’m working I use Samsonite luggage. During personal travel I use TUMI.

As a matter of fact, my TUMI is buried in a storage container at the moment. However, the good news is that TUMI is having a semi-annual sale right now. The Continental Carry-on that I have is on sale for $387.00 (original price is $645). 

TUMI luggage is expensive. However, if you travel a lot on business or for pleasure, and you buy it on sale, it’s well worth it.

My TUMI is about eight years old and other than a few scuff marks from racking up thousands of miles, it still looks great and works great. Nothing has ever broken on it! The handle and wheels still work.

The best feature about my TUMI is the hard shell case. The size is perfect for carrying onboard and stowing in the overhead compartment. I rarely check my luggage during personal travel. However, sometimes I have to because I might be boarding last and there isn’t room to store my bag. If that’s the situation, I have to gate check it. It’s because of this that I prefer my TUMI to be black (Graphite Black). Other people know how expensive the TUMI brand is and if it was cherry red (TUMI Cayenne) standing out like a cardinal on the baggage carousel screaming “Look at me” it might interest an opportunist.

Once my luggage was taken. We had just returned from Germany and inside my suitcase was a Bavarian cuckoo clock (which I can’t wait to hang on the wall in the kitchen when it’s finished). We were actually on a hotel shuttle van and a woman took my suitcase. It’s a long story but I got my bag back. So if you buy a TUMI, I would recommend Black Graphite.

I don’t have any affiliation with TUMI except as a consumer who has purchased their luggage in the past.


One thought on “My Favorite Luggage is TUMI

  1. But I love that stunning red.

    I just got back from three weeks in Italy. Waiting at the carousels for luggage I notice quite a few hard cases coming off in various sizes, shapes, styles and colors. And after waiting over an hour for my bags in Denver because the carousel was broken due to a soft sided bag getting stuck and mangled, I can understand why people are going back to hard sides.

    My luggage is over 10 years old but I don’t travel that often. I have Swany Walkin’ Bags. They were one of the first with four spinner wheels, plus it has a handle that can double as a cane and you can sit on the bag. They are designed very efficiently. Unfortunately there was some sort of copyright issue and they are no longer being made. I have a set of several sizes, plus a computer bag. Even a coveted tote bag.

    But I know they won’t last forever.

    Thanks for sharing your personal choice in luggage brands. Yes, it might be pricey but in the end you save money with buying a quality product that lasts and lasts. I appreciate knowing what a professional uses for their own travel.

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