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For the record, I don’t write sponsored blog posts.

Sponsored blog posts are paid posts written by a blogger. A company will pay a blogger to write about a product. Additionally, a company will write a blog post and pay the blogger to publish it on their blog. The blogger has to state that it’s a sponsored post. Personally, I don’t like sponsored posts and I don’t read blogs that publish sponsored posts. A sponsored post is nothing more than a paid advertisement.

I have been offered to write several sponsored posts and I declined each one.

I do write about products that I buy or that are given to me. If they’re given to me I always include that fact in my blog post. I’ll say that the product was sent to me for review or that I partnered with the company and they sent me a product. It’s all on the up and up.

Sometimes I’ll write about a product because I love it and I bought it. For instance, Dansko clogs or LL Bean Boat Tote Bags; I have bought several pair of Dansko clogs through the years and countless tote bags. In fact, too many to count. So I’ll write about it, include a link to the product. I’m getting nothing monetary out of it. I’m just blogging to blog, like a hobby.

I receive some products that I don’t approve of for whatever reason, and therefore, I simply won’t write about the product. I’m under no obligation to write about a product because it was sent to me for review.

And Google AdSense pays very little each month. The ads that you see on my blog are Google AdSense. Some of you have ad blockers and don’t see them at all. On average, my monthly Google AdSense money will cover a purchased cup of coffee every day of the month. However, I rarely buy coffee out. I actually use the Google AdSense earnings for tolls on the turnpike. It covers some of it, not all of it. Very few people make money at blogging. You practically need celebrity status to make money at blogging.

So for anyone out there assuming otherwise, these are the facts concerning my blog.

I will simply trash any nasty comments. If you don’t like what I write, and feathers are ruffled because of a couple of stories concerning real estate agents, don’t read my blog.

Life isn’t a bowl of cherries. Sometimes I feel like writing whatever I feel like writing. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want with it.






Real Estate Agents: Story #2

When I placed the “FOR SALE BY OWNER” sign on the road in front of our house, I wrote with a big, fat Sharpie  black marker, the cell number and “BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.” It was very bold. It couldn’t have been any bolder.

My one major pet peeve is someone showing up completely unannounced at my door. People do it to us all the time and I wonder why  people are so inconsiderate.

This brings me to the second real estate agent story. When we were selling our house in Princeton three summers ago I told John if anyone disregards the sign out front that blatantly states: “BY APPOINTMENT ONLY,” send them on their way with instructions to call first.

One day, John was outside in our driveway. It was a dirt/gravel driveway visible from the busy and dangerous road. A woman in a Subaru Outback slowed down as she drove by the house with her eyes off the road and her head turned toward the driveway. John noticed the car had pulled into a driveway across the road from our house.

The woman turned her car around and then pulled into our driveway. She made a U-turn on our grass so that her car pointed toward the road. John approached her driver window. She rolled down the window. I was in the kitchen looking out the door and I could see the woman behind the wheel. She appeared to be about 60-ish. The kitchen window was open and I could hear their conversation.

I heard John say, “I’m sorry I can’t show you the house right now. You need to make an appointment.” John told her the price, square footage, how many bedrooms, property taxes, etc. I then heard him say. “I’ll tell my wife you’ll be over tomorrow at 3pm.” I saw the woman hand him a scrap piece of paper before she pulled out of the driveway.

John walked in the house. He handed me the piece of paper which had the woman’s first name (no last name) and her cell number. He said that she lives in Bucks County and she wants to move to Princeton. A red flag immediately popped up. I said, ” She lives in Bucks County and wants to move to Princeton?”

People generally don’t move from Bucks County, PA to Princeton. They move FROM Princeton to Bucks County due to many reasons but primarily because NJ property taxes are among the highest in the country; they’re out-of-sight! Princeton is not the kind of town that you move to if you’re at the age this woman appeared to be.

The following day, I cleaned the house, turned lights on and secured the dog in his crate in preparation for Ms. Subaru’s arrival.

Three o’ clock came and went. Four o’clock came and went. I called her number. Her voicemail picked up. I left a message. She never called me.

I did the same real estate agency website search as I did previously scrolling through agents’ headshots and bios. BINGO! I hit on her photo. It was the same woman who was in the driveway.  Her first name was the same name she scrolled on the scrap paper. And, of course, it explained why she omitted writing her last name.






Mudroom & Bonus Room


During this major heat wave, John installed the drywall on the lower/ground level where the bonus room and mudroom is located.

The door on the left leads to the garage. First we have to install the door before installing the Sheetrock on that wall.


Looking toward the mudroom and back door leading to the patio…

We also have to wait to install the drywall on the mudroom ceiling because the plumber needs access. Therefore, we also have to wait to install the next drywall panel on the wall. Ceilings are done first, before walls.image

I stood in front of the entrance leading to the garage when I took this photo of the mudroom. The living room is straight ahead, one level up, where the duct work is located.

As of right now, we have to leave the mudroom as is until the plumbing is complete.

I would eventually like to install faux wood tile in the mudroom.

Real Estate Agents

Three years ago, we had our previous house on the market. We placed a “For Sale By Owner” sign at the front of our house.

It didn’t take long before the phone started ringing.

One woman said she wanted to take a look at the house. She said that a friend of hers was interested in buying a house in Princeton and she was looking around for him.

She made an appointment with me. She was late, very late; an hour and a half late. Just when I assumed she was blowing off the appointment, and didn’t have the courtesy to call, I stepped outside in the backyard to grill dinner. At the moment I fired up the grill, a car pulled into the driveway. It was 6:30 at night. I’m thinking, “You’re kidding me, right?”

I walked up to her driver door. She rolled down the window and nonchalantly said, “I’m sorry I’m late.” I thought to myself “Thanks for the courtesy call.”

I showed her the house. She didn’t really ask the right questions. I asked her a couple of questions about her so-called friend who wanted to buy a house in Princeton. She was rather vague. She said, “He’s from China and has a business.” He’s looking for a house where he can have a home office and be close to the Route 1 corridor.”

Her story sounded plausible. However,  I detected she wasn’t a “friend” of someone who wanted to buy a house. I put two and two together and thought, “I bet this woman is a real estate agent disguising herself as a friend.”

The next day, I did a little bit of easy breezy searching on-line.

I clicked on local real estate agency’s websites, glancing at agents’ professional headshots and speed-reading through a few of their bios.

Sure enough, I stumbled upon the photo of the woman who showed up late, pretending to be a friend of a prospective buyer–and making up an entire story to me during the 30-minute house and property tour.

A real estate agent!

Next: A real estate agent pulls into our driveway, unannounced.