San Juan

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

In 1776, the population was 2.5 million. Today it is well over 350 million!

In 1976, I wore red, white and blue and waved an American Flag in my hand in a school play celebrating the bicentennial year.

Yesterday, I worked a trip to San Juan. It’s a long day. I’m on the go from 3:30am, when I turn the key (now a “push start”) in my car and pull out of my driveway, until I pull back in my driveway at 630pm.

In the airline world, we call it a high-time “turn.” The flight hours accrued in one day is equivalent to working a route across the Atlantic (one way). The difference is that I’m home at night.

I had a total of one hour in San Juan before turning the plane right back around to New Jersey.

When we landed in San Juan, someone said, “Do we have to clear customs?” If I had been holding something I probably would have dropped it. I agree with Bill O’Reilly, it’s a red zone concerning milennials and their lack of knowledge in the history department. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. I said “Have a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend” to them in my final announcement just as I would in any U.S. state or U.S. territory. The captain was bi-lingual and said the same announcement in Spanish.

In a nutshell: Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory with commonwealth status whose residents are U.S. citizens by birth since 1917. They have served in the US military since 1917.

I stepped off the plane for a few minutes to look for Puerto Rican flan; it’s a delicious dessert. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any in the concourse.


Puerto Rican men still wear fedora hats. Here’s a touristy version sold at one of the airport shops.


Here’s one of those souvenirs that might be used? Or does it collect dust? Or does it end up buried at the back of a cabinet?


Through the years I have spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico. I like Old Town San Juan’s history and Ponce is a nice place to visit. Dorado Beach is great for windsurfing and beach strolls.

Happy Fourth of July to US territories too!

Be Safe and Responsible!




6 thoughts on “San Juan

  1. I can top that. I was recently in the post office renewing my passport. An older lady walked in and asked if she needed a passport to fly to Puerto Rico. The USPS worker (middle aged) had to ask go and ask someone else just to be sure!

  2. Well, I’m not up on the ins and outs of a U.S. territory so I would have brought my passport anyway. And wouldn’t be surprised if there was some sort of customs thing when I returned either.

    Puerto Rico may be a territory but they aren’t a state. So your mileage may vary.

    Of course, I’m from California. We get stopped and questioned about produce when we return from out of state. It’s our own little mini-customs.

  3. My husband & I vacationed last September in Iceland. I can’t even count how many Americans have asked me how long it took to fly to the Southern Hemisphere.

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