The drywall is officially finished in the living room. John finished up the last few sections today.


He installed the last long and narrow Sheetrock strip on the left.


It’s amazing how drywall gives a finished look as well as a clean look to new and old construction.


John needs help with the two last angled ceiling drywall panels in the master bedroom (in the photo behind him). Once the panels are installed, the master bedroom will be finished too.


Looks beautiful….Thank you John!


I’m still thinking about paint colors. But, first, taping and spackle.

18 thoughts on “Fini!!!

  1. Did you decide on someone to hire to do the tape and spackle?

    I have followed you since the house clean-out days. I love all you have done! And I want to adopt John. Lol

    1. John is going to do the tape and spackle. We would prefer hiring someone to do it but the bids are too high or they don’t want to do the job. We never heard back from three people for spackle bids; they wanted the whole drywall job or nothing. I’m so over the games people play in business that we’ll just do it ourselves. Hopefully, I can help with sanding. John has spackled before. He can pull it off. Another thing is that I really would prefer to do it ourselves anyway. Honestly, I’m sick of having people coming in and out of our house. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Fantastic! Every little step is a win and I’m so happy for you guys! We’ve done 2 fixers and just sold our home and are buying… another fixer, LOL! You’d think that as construction is my primary business, I’d be sick of it… but no. I love making the house into our home and I know that is what you two are doing. I love each and every update and I love that this is your home and it’s going to be a place of love and happy memories.

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