Two More Designs!

With the same flowers I used in the large centerpiece the other day I also created the following two hand-tied bouquets.


Both bouquets can be bridal bouquets or they can also be placed in a vase or any type of appropriate waterproof vessel; suddenly, a bride’s bouquet is a centerpiece for any occasion.

This is why hand-tied bouquets are an absolute favorite of mine. They’re versatile and can be easily transported. In Europe, they’re extremely popular and sold everywhere.

They’re easy to plunk in a vase and easy to change the water without spoiling the design because all the stems are bound together with waterproof tape. Simply lift out, change the water, re-cut the stems and plunk back in the vessel. Changing the water everyday along with spraying the bouquet with Crowning Glory will result in long-lasting flowers–easily 7 days. My roses have lasted 9 days.

Hand-tied bouquets are not difficult to create. Like anything, it just takes a little practice, patience and time. I’ve shown people how to create similar bouquets in 30 minutes, then they practice and walk with a bouquet in under 2 hours.


And for someone who wishes to have an-all white bouquet, hydrangea, rununculus and lisiathus were used to create this bouquet. The lisianthus buds added a touch of green.

2 thoughts on “Two More Designs!

  1. One can see why you like working with cut flowers. These are so lush and beautiful, and you put them together so artfully. They seem to have been fresh picked from some generous English garden!

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