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  1. Hi Sue,
    What is the deal with all the people who stand at the jetway waiting for their bags? It seems like a normal thing now, not just for the few overflow bags. Is this a way to avoid the $25 bag fee?
    Thanks for any insights you can lend.

    1. Every airline is different. When passengers bring (allowed) carry-on luggage on a flight, as the overhead storage bins fill up, we run out of space. They have to then gate check their bag. It’s checked on the jet bridge by a ramp employee. When the flight gets to the destination, the passengers get their luggage in baggage claim. The luggage is not brought up to the jet bridge (maybe certain airlines?). Passengers wait for strollers on the jet bridge and sometimes a passenger-owned wheelchair. I don’t know anything about luggage fees; gate agents and ticket agents handle all luggage fees.

    2. A lot of people take carry on to avoid the wait for their luggage, possibilities of lost luggage or luggage missing a connecting flight. For some airlines, there is also a fee for checking a second bag.

      When I returned from Italy last month I had to wait over an hour in Denver to get my bags so I could go through customs and then check them in again. The hold up was the Denver baggage system. It took them 45 min. to figure out a bag was stuck and then to free it. Those that only had carry on checked right through customs. Anyone that had a connecting flight with less than a 2 hour layover probably missed it. I was lucky. I had a three hour layover that turned into 45 min. by the time I was done with everything. I didn’t even have time to eat before I had to be at the gate.

  2. I’m American but live in Europe, Germany. My children have never been to Disney World and I’d love to take them to Disney World Paris and stay for a week or two and see the city. Any special recommendations for that area? I’ve no clue what to do aside from wander the city and discover as well as the touristy suggestions I’ve found online that probably everyone does.

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