The Kitchen Today!


On Sunday morning, someone who spackles stopped by the house to give us a quote. He asked, “Who rocked it?” John said, “I did.”

The  spackler looked at him in disbelief. He said, “You did the whole house?” John said, “Yes!”

I’m glad I have the blog as proof. I think people are assuming we hired someone, which of course, isn’t the case. It took John five months to “rock” the entire house and spackle the first coat.

The spackler left and said he’d call back with a quote.





7 thoughts on “The Kitchen Today!

  1. Hang in !! I think of you guys almost daily and about your amazing ability to persevere !! Love all the painted pots and chair. Can hardly wait to see painted WALLS !!!!

  2. Good Luck ! I hope he calls back ! I feel for John…. That much spackling is a man-killer. I know and you know, it’s hard to get someone, at this point of the project. All the best !!

  3. Your John has done amazing work. I’m not surprised people are stunned, and disbelieving, at what he has accomplished. All of us who have been following your wonderful blog know.

  4. so proud of you two … and, well, John is beyond description. What an unbelievably talented and focused guy. I’m very happy that you both will soon be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. And, i hope you can take a vacation together .. somewhere warm maybe, very soon! xx’s

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