The Bay Window Shingles: Before & After

On Sunday, Frank, our roofer, came over and installed the pewter grey shingles on the bay window. Back in May, Joe, the carpenter built the roof for it.

BEFORE: May 2016



When Joe built the roof, he put tar paper down and the first course of shingles. He stopped because he’s not a roofer.

AFTER: Sunday


On Sunday,we literally had the exact amount of shingles left from doing the the roof on the house one year ago. For a second, John thought he would have to race down to Home Depot to buy another bundle.



The two vertical rows of shingles (ridge caps) will settle down and adhere to the shingles below in warm temperatures.


Frank covered the step flashing with a bent piece of flashing ground into the brick chimney so that it could be inserted into the slot. He used a grinder to create the slot.


The brown flashing was installed on the north side of the chimney too. It’s hard to see it in this photo since the east side of the house is the shady side. (It was also late in the day.)

The cement board fascia will be installed next. John needs a second person to help him hold the long and heavy boards up. He tried doing it himself last week and it was impossible solo.


One thought on “The Bay Window Shingles: Before & After

  1. Yesterday I was greatly inspired by your blog and with the sun out it seemed a perfect day to get back to installing linoleum tiles. I bought enough a year ago to do the entire house and was interrupted time and again and when I got up yesterday and read what you had to say, I said to myself, “Today’s the Day!”

    I started where I left off with one really tricky area and then moved onward and it’s wonderful to get up today and see the progress I made.

    So thanks for the inspiration!

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