Working On The Front


Adding the soffit on the front of the house…

image image

Painting the exposed edge before installing…

image image

The Hardie fascia is cut and ready to be installed…


Ready to install the remaining lower soffit on the east side to the left of the chimney…


A front yard work table…

image image

The 12-inch wide soffit is ready to go up…


Nailing it it in with the nail gun…


Looking good…

image image

Hardie fascia installed too!


4 thoughts on “Working On The Front

  1. Things are moving right along.

    Now is this section of the front the last of the outside? You don’t have to do anything to the original exterior, just the addition, right? So, you’re close to done on the outside?

  2. It’s lookin’ good! Both of you seem to have endless energy and I’m in awe of how you’ve made it this far.

    I watched a hoarder show today and it was so bad it made the state of your house look like a sweet deal. Unlike most that had cockroaches and mice running around, this couple had a carpet soaked in human waste and yet what bothered them the most was finding their pet cat that disappeared two years ago dead in the living room under a credenza and it begs one to wonder, did they lose their sense of smell along the way?

    This show was truly the worst I’ve ever seen.

    1. That is a horrific story; it must have been hard to watch. As we’ve said before, Bill was a compulsively orderly hoarder (thank God!)and compared to other hoarding stories, a dream…definitely a “sweet deal.”

      We all know how fastidious cats are, the stench probably made the sad cat keel over.

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