Another HGTV Producer Contacted Me!

About ten days ago, another “development producer” from a production company emailed me.

He said that his production company creates shows for HGTV and Food Network and that he was looking for couples who do renovating work together. He asked in the email if I was interested.

That’s all the information he provided in the brief email.

I emailed back and said that I could speak with him on the phone and gave my cell number.

He responded asking if John and I could set up a time to do a SKYPE call.

We’ve been through this before…setting up SKYPE interviews with producers in the past. They literally wasted hours of our time and then didn’t have the courtesy to get back to us to tell us if they were interested or not in proceeding with a show.

The SKYPE interview is arranged to see how we look, act and speak on film. Obviously, before tearing John away from work on the house to arrange a SKYPE call/interview, we would need a little bit of background information on the so-called potential show.

A brief phone call is all that I asked for to glean some information before setting up a SKYPE time.

The producer wasn’t interested in a phone call. He simply wanted to proceed with SKYPE without giving me any information other than saying in the email that he’s looking for couples who work together.

Based on this extremely limited amount of information, John and I would be setting time aside for SKYPE. This isn’t the way I do things or go about things.

Obviously, the producer felt that I was only entitled to this tad bit of information. He said he would discuss it on SKYPE. Really?!

I emailed him back voluntarily giving background information with our present stage of renovation and what we’ll be working on through the winter, and the things we’ll be buying such as doors, floors, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, counters, bathroom tile and so on. I ended the email with two dates for the SKYPE call.

He never responded. Of course, I wasn’t surprised.



13 thoughts on “Another HGTV Producer Contacted Me!

  1. So rude on his part, Sue. You handled it beautifully.
    I love following the progress of your home. I can’t imagine how excited you and John are every time another project gets checked off the list!

  2. i certainly get what you are saying about wanting more information before Skyping. However, considering how many people are approached by production companies and how many people are working on renovations, it might be time prohibitive. I am sure you know they all have a formula for what they want. Just my opinion but I would not want cameras in the house 10to 12 hours a day, disrupting the work to get the “right shot” with the “right light”.

    1. Skype is still more time consuming then a quick phone call. The fact that he didn’t respond after I acquiesced to doing SKYPE says a lot about him. In the end, it would have been a waste of our time. He proved that by not responding.

  3. Dear Sue, You have captured my heart and attention from the start of your adventure.
    House finding and repair renovating, your love of life, family, and simple beauty have inspired hundreds of us. You are not measured by people looking to make money off of your hard earned accomplishments. This is what makes you so refreshingly special. It is their (HGTV) loss if they don’t see how unique and accomplished you are as a couple. You carefully choose what is “right” for you…not the “follow the crowd” of reality TV. You are a smart couple…not crazy emotional people we see on most TV. Women around the world have admired your extreme experience of updating your house find. We all wish our husbands had the talents your husband has in making our dream house for us. We see you struggle with money, materials, people, and time. We have shared with you, through your blog, each of your goals being met. We are your “sisters” amazed . This winter will be exciting change!, and none of us will miss a minute….HGTV you lose.

  4. Bear in mind that a lot of “production companies” are a freelance hustler trying to put a package together, then selling it to a bigger production company which then has to find network time. A loooooooong time before you’d see any $!!

  5. I’m wondering if the man read your blog to discover what stage you’re at now and how that affects a TV project in the midst of so much being accomplished already. Most TV programs are there from the start so it seems odd the interest is coming now.

    As for sound bites, your profession places you in contact with a huge natural audience and John I’m certain could hold his own anyway.

    It’s nice to be given some consideration but my thoughts are, this too shall pass and you’ll probably be glad for it.

    1. The same thing crossed my mind which also tells me that he probably didn’t take the time to read the latest blog posts which clearly explain the phase of renovation. When the first producer contacted me, we were at the very beginning-at the gutted stage. The scope of work was probably beyond their budget or it would take too much work on their part to get companies to sponsor products for the renovation, etc. Who knows, but whatever the reason, each producer (a total of 3) have been unprofessional.

  6. Can I just tell you how awesome you guys are? I know construction, I’m a 4th generation construction professional. Every time you talk about a subcontractor not coming through for bids or other issues, I feel your pain. Every success you have, I cheer (sometimes out loud!). I know your struggle, although my area is commercial, its still a struggle. Your work is amazing, I love the ideas you have shared and love that you two are creating a home. Not something for someone else, but a home for you.

    Can’t wait to see the next chapter (and really, I hate when you are working and not posting… whether travel or home, please keep doing this). I’ve gotten some great ideas for our fixer so don’t worry about some random guy trying to find a new show host… they don’t get you guys. We do, and we love you!

  7. ‘Hey babe, ya see, I’m a big producer here and my time is limited. I see the potential here
    for this to be big, really big, ys see? Ya gotta get with the program here, and we can make you the next Kardashians. So, connect it real here and we’ll do wonderful things. It’s unbelievable how big this will be. I know, cuz I’m the only one that can do this.

    Hey!, let’s do lunch.
    Have your gal call my gal.

    Caio babe’

  8. You’re probably smart to stay away from these guys. It seems that “reality” TV is awfully hard on marriages. Of course the production company loves the added drama because it makes for “good TV”. They really don’t care about the wreckage they leave behind.

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