One Man Job Using a Ledger


Before Thanksgiving, John installed the Hardie soffit on the west side of the house overlooking the patio.

This is a 2-man job which he did it by himself. I do not recommend anyone doing this alone. It’s dangerous if you’re not used to being on ladders.

The wood pallet to the right (in the above photo) was shipped with 12′ Hardie soffit.

After using most of the soffit material, John moved the pallet to each location around the house. The Hardie soffit is very flexible and strong but it can break. This is true with the 1×8 Hardie fascia as well. He used the pallet to safely place the soffit he was about to install at different locations on the house.


The vented soffit is installed with the holes outboard for ventilation. I stood inside the house at the open window to the right holding a dead man.

When John climbed the ladder with the 12′ soffit (about 18 to 20 ft from the ground) I used the dead man to secure the soffit at my end so that John could be as close enough as possible at his end of the soffit. It was a windy day so we had to work quickly before the next gust.


John tied a ladder on the box bay window roof to hold up a plastic box in place so that his ladder wouldn’t damage the drip cap, shingles or fascia already installed.


In order for John to install the soffit alone, he screwed a 2×2 wood ledger to the sheathing allowing 3/8″ space for the soffit to slip in and be supported.

John nailed the soffit on the outside first with stainless steel ringed siding nails. (The framing has to be marked ahead of time so that you know where to nail.)

After nailing the outside, he removed the wood ledger and nailed the inside on the marked cross members (framing).


John removed the wood ledger with his Dewalt 20vmax/Lithium ION drill.


After removing the ledger, John used the siding nailer to anchor the soffit.


Soffit is installed first followed with 1×8 fascia.


Yesterday, John bought a 1x8x16 exterior grade fascia to nail to the 2×6 framing. He’ll join it with the 12′  fascia installed on the right.

5 thoughts on “One Man Job Using a Ledger

  1. I cannot get over what you and especially John have done and continue to do renovating this house. Reading your blog, almost from day one, has been truly inspirational.

  2. Thanks for the detail on the faschia. I was wondering about ventilation.

    There isn’t much to go on the outside, considering how much there was to start.

    Just a bit on the west side and then a little trim.

    Boy, it has been a long haul. I’ll bet you’ll be glad when it’s over. Just think of the feeling of pride you will have next 4th of July when you invite friends over for a BBQ in your back yard and you gaze at your finished house.

    I’m assuming it will be finished by next July. At the rate you’re going, even if the remainder is a one man job.

    Did the dry wall get done? Any painting yet?

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