The Primed Dining Room

Before Christmas, John primed the dining room.

The dining room and living room is an open floor plan. We will not use the dining room space as a dining room. Instead, it will be an extension of the living room.

Since the kitchen is large, it will be an eat-in kitchen.

However, even though we don’t plan on using the space as a dining room, John wired it with 12/2 (yellow) wire (same as kitchen and bathrooms). This was required to pass rough electrical inspection.

In our township, 12/2 wire is required in dining rooms because many people have hot plates in dining rooms which can be potentially dangerous.

With the ladders and painting supplies, the space reminds me of a large artist’s studio in NYC.

I have wood floors on my mind–now that we’re finally getting close to the flooring phase of the job.

Along with the 12/2 wire, John installed RG6 coax cable for a wall mounted TV. We plan on using the dining room for a TV-entertainment area. Across from John, on the west wall, he’ll build built-in bookcases.

Since we don’t want trim around the windows, John installed corner bead around all the windows in the dining/living room. The deep window sills are the focal point and trim is really not necessary. The corner bead created very sharp and clean edges.

The window sills are 6″ deep. You’ll recall when John built the walls out with 2x4s creating space/bays for R15 insulation, electrical and these wonderful deep window sills mimicking old homes.

For the dining room, John purchased a 5-gallon bucket of ZINNSER Primer & Sealer specifically for drywall. He’s been using this product for years and highly recommends it.


The Painted Kitchen

The kitchen walls painted with Benjamin Moore White Dove.

In January, I’ll choose kitchen cabinets.

After the kitchen cabinets are installed, we’ll choose and install wide plank wood flooring.

The stainless steel Maytag appliances are in boxes to the right. They’ll be installed with the cabinets.

Down the road, French doors will be installed between the dining area and kitchen.

White Dove  walls in good lighting…