The Front Fascia is Finished

On Sunday, while I was working a trip to San Juan, the roofer came over for a couple of hours to help John finish the Hardie fascia on the front of the house.


Now that the framing is covered, the front of the house has a nice (almost) finished look.


In both photos, you can see how John left the boards long on the right side where the Tyvek meets the brick.


Yesterday, he used his circular saw and cut it perfectly straight.image

It’s time to order more Hardie siding to finish the front of the house.


There’s nothing like a sealed-up house!

5 thoughts on “The Front Fascia is Finished

  1. Thanks again for sharing your journey with us! I’ve been following since the beginning and am super excited for you both on the progress. Great job!

  2. I love seeing the front of the house from these angles. It gets prettier with each step. soon you will be showing us floors and cabinets and colors, oh my!

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