French Doors Leak

One thing I haven’t mentioned is that both sets of French doors leak. I ordered the doors at Home Depot and I really like them but they have leaked from the very beginning.

A couple of contractors who have stopped by the house during the past year said that the windows/door crew who installed the doors more than likely didn’t do it correctly.


Due to leakage, John can’t finish putting up the drywall on each side of the French doors in the master bedroom. The water comes in and soaks the insulation which has also stalled the spacklers in finishing the wall.

So what did the window/door installers do incorrectly?

Of course, there is the possibility it could be the door manufacturer which is Feather River. It’s time to put in a phone call to the company and request a rep to come out and take a look.

imageIn the kitchen, the water comes in under the doors. This is a problem because we paid for expensive doors and the expensive installation service.






2 thoughts on “French Doors Leak

  1. Have you checked the panes first? I redid all of mine to make sure they were tight.

    I had that problem with my garage and had to install an extra sill(?) to prevent the water from coming in under the door. Solved the problem.

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