The Vaulted Ceiling & Changing the Bulbs

On Christmas day, John started rolling the living room with primer and an 18″ roller. (Ceilings are always rolled first.)

Since the house faces south, the natural light pours in through the two large windows.

I stood in the master bedroom’s balcony-area when I took these photos.

I’m thinking about the comfortable reading chair that will eventually be  placed in the corner of the balcony.

People either love painting or hate painting. John actually likes it.

When he spackled the whole house, a variety of people walked in and almost all of them would make a negative remark about what a “b***h” it is to spackle or “Don’t you just hate spackling?” I didn’t even respond. I thought to myself, none of them ever spackled a whole house so how do they know???

John likes to spackle especially because it’s his house we’re talking about–it’s sweat equity. It’s also a one-time spackle job.

The finished ceiling…

Boy, we think the primed living room looks real PURTY!

And when it comes time to changing the LED light bulbs in the high hats 24 feet up…I found Mr. Longarm on Amazon. John will bring out a 8′ ladder and use the bulb changer pole. Anyone who has a barn is familiar with one of these.





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