Sheep in the Front Yard

Every time I drive by this beautiful house, my car comes to a halt.

I literally will stop in my tracks when I see a field or pasture dotted with sheep, cows or horses.

But imagine having a flock of sheep in your front yard? I took this photo last spring when the cherry blossom trees were blooming.

I mentioned this to someone recently, the response was: “More vet bills.” Of course that brought me back to reality. On more than one occasion, we’ve had to rush our dog to the emergency vet at 2 in the morning or on a Saturday evening. That will really set you back a pretty penny, especially if it requires the vet to get out of bed and drive to the office.

But, if money wasn’t an object, I would definitely consider having a flock of sheep on a suitable property. I would like having the wool too.

A farm assessed property reduces property taxes. In New Jersey, property owners need a minimum of 5 acres (not sure what it is in PA). The owner needs to generate at least $500 in gross revenue on the first 5 acres. The land is assessed relative to its value for farm use. One can save over 90% in paid real estate tax. Considering the reduction in taxes, the vet bill might be worth it. It definitely benefits veterinarians specializing in livestock who own a nice parcel of land.



2 thoughts on “Sheep in the Front Yard

  1. I love sheep, so really enjoyed seeing this flock actually grazing in the yard of that beautiful house! Thanks for posting it!

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