It’s Puppy Time!

We’re super excited because in about six weeks there will be a new addition at Brick House 319. I’ll hop on a plane and bring back a pug puppy.

Kiwi, our 10-year old black pug, will have a little buddy to clown around with and he’ll also show the new puppy the ropes.

Ten years ago, our fawn pug, Coco (RIP), showed Kiwi the ropes. Having two pugs is double the fun.

For the past year, I searched for a pug breeder. Finally, I got lucky. About ten days ago I contacted a pug breeder who recommended another breeder that had a 2-week old litter. I was in luck.

We’ll name the puppy after our beloved Coco.

The quintessential pug look–the pug “head tilt.”

We used to take both pugs on long walks and it wouldn’t be long before someone said, “Look, there’s Frank the Pug!” (I still haven’t seen the movie.)

When we went out with both dogs, many people would gravitate towards us and ask questions about the breed. The first question was usually, “Do pugs snore?” And the answer is, “Yes!” They snore when they sleep. In fact, pugs have breathing issues and can be noisy breathers. They also cannot handle extreme heat and humidity. They require air conditioning during summer months. They also can’t be left alone for too long. So if you’re gone at work Monday thru Friday at a 9 to 5 job, don’t get a pug.

Pugs are people dogs and they cling to you their owner(s). They are at your side no matter what. If you get up from a chair to walk across the room, they will jump up and follow; they will literally be your shadow. They expect to sit right next to you at all times. They will not understand if you shoo them away; it just won’t happen. They’ll never leave your side.

Another question I always get asked, “Do pugs shed?” “Yes, they shed a lot. Not a little,  a lot!”

For us, we’ll always have a pug or two. Once you’re hooked, you’re hooked for life.













10 thoughts on “It’s Puppy Time!

  1. Your pugs are adorable!! We lost our 11 yr old Rottie on Saturday and we are a mess. I don’t know why, but your pictures made my day.

  2. Love pugs! We had a Boston Terrier who went on the rainbow bridge last fall. Also, a dog that does not tolerate heat because of the short nose. Just a love and followed me everywhere! Thank goodness I still have our other two dogs. Congratulations on your new addition. Looking forward to the puppy pics!

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