Happy Valentine’s Day!


Red Roses: Love . Romance

Pink Roses: Love . Gratitude . Appreciation

Buy one dozen red roses and one dozen pink roses, gather in a hand-tied bouquet, wrap stems with floral tape, and cut stems. Super easy!


7 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Sue, a question about your boot pick- do you find them easy to get on and off? I’ve been looking for a pair of Wellingtons but I have mobility issues and they must be easy to get on and off.

  2. My Mother bought white lilies and red carnations at the florists’ warehouse and gave me half.

    The scent is fantastic and today most of the lilies have finally opened up.

    1. I love growing lilies. The scent is intoxicating. Did your mother go to a wholesaler? Some wholesalers will allow non-trade people in to purchase flowers.

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