Throwback Thursday: Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

Where: “Mad” King Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany

When: May 2002

How Did We Get There: We flew into Frankfurt, rented an Audi, drove on the Romantic Road to Rothenburg ob der Tauber and then took the Autobahn south to Bavaria.

About the Photo Op: We walked out to the Marienbrucke, which is the suspension bridge over the Pollat Gorge, and a dashing German was standing there wearing a traditional Tyrolean Fedora and Trachten wool jacket. Of course I looked at him thinking, “I want him in the photo with me.” He guessed what I was thinking and said in perfect English, “Would you like a photo?” DANKE!



2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

  1. That is my all time favorite castle.

    I have many, many German calendar pictures of that castle.

    I have always wanted to go there but the closest I every got was Schloss Linderhof when I was 12 and my family rented a car and drove through. I begged to go there but there wasn’t enough time.

    Ah, Rothenburg. Best käsespätzle ever.

    1. We’ve been to the castle several times. May is nice because it’s not yet touristy with summer travelers and the temperature is nice and cool. We’ve also been there during Christmas which is stunning if there happens to be snow. If you get a chance, GO! It really is magical.

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