One Year Ago!

We’ve come a long way since one year ago. The following photos were taken last March 4th, when John was in the midst of insulating the entire house.

At the time, the furnace was not turned on in the house and it was a cold winter. I wish it had been as mild as this winter has been but things don’t work out that way.

I remember thinking how cozy the insulation looked in the bays, like a big, fluffy down comforter.

Even though, the furnace had not been turned on, it instantly felt warmer with the insulation and it cut down on outside noise–it was no longer a shell of a house.

And, believe me, the way John insulated this house, it’s incredibly warm. I didn’t have to turn on the furnace until Thanksgiving.

We used a Vornado room heater wherever we were working in the house. The unit makes a room nice and toasty. It’s great for chilly autumn and spring days/nights.

I highly recommend getting one. Since it’s 55 degrees out right now and the furnace has not kicked on (I have it set at 53) I actually have my Vornado on while I write this post.

And for those of you (and my followers) who live in desert states with those chilly nights that you can get, I can’t think of anything better than one of these room heaters.

If you do your own insulation installation, always wear a mask and gloves. And keep your arms covered.

Today, a year later, it will reach a high of 70 degrees with 96% humidity in the afternoon. Go figure!


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