Photo: Six-week Old Pugs!

I’ll be picking up our pug puppy in two weeks. At that time he’ll be 8 weeks old.

I think we’re getting the puppy with the yellow ribbon around his neck in the upper left corner. The breeder sent me this photo yesterday; they all look well-fed, healthy, alert and have classic pug markings.

There are 7 puppies in the litter. These are the five males. I think I mentioned in a previous post that I requested a male puppy (we’ve always had male dogs).

-Pugs live for their owners, love to cuddle and will shadow you.

-Pugs are all around happy and affectionate dogs and are extremely loyal with charming personalities. They’re intelligent and sociable too.

-Pugs can be willful and owners have to be patient and diligent with training.

-Pugs are for people who can be with them for most of every day. They’re not suitable for people with 9 to 5 jobs with a house that’s empty and quiet for most of the day.

-Pugs have breathing issues and do not fare well in hot and humid conditions. Central air conditioning is necessary or rooms with window A/C units–they absolutely need this. They can easily  die if overheated.

-Pugs shed like CRAZY. So if you need to be turned out for your job in a nice suit or dress and don’t have the time about worrying where you last left the lint brush, then don’t get a pug. I permanently keep a lint brush in my car so when I show up at work I do a final brush off outside my car. Actually packing tape does a better job but that can get pricey considering how fast I can go through a roll.

-Pugs will demand to sleep in the bed with you and under the covers. They jump on furniture and will demand to lean on your leg or sit in your lap each and every time you sit down. They can’t comprehend it if you say, “no.” They simply aren’t wired that way. They’re sole job is to be with their owner(s) at all times and they’re goal is to please. They love to have fun and love to be around kids playing in a yard.

-Pugs can live a long time. It’s not uncommon for a pug to live to 16 years of age.

-To sum it up, pugs think they own you.

What I’ reading now: The Secret Language of Dogs by Victoria Stilwell




9 thoughts on “Photo: Six-week Old Pugs!

  1. I had a wonderful pug. Her “lifetime” owners dumped her when she was 14 years old (she “leaked” in their motor home). I couldn’t help myself but take her, and I was fortunate enough to have her for three years. She most certainly DID own me. No question. She owned my two Afghan hounds as well. She’s been gone for 30 years, and I still miss her like crazy. Her name from the id*** owners was “Pug” (Original, yes?) I named her Mabel Ol’Pugsley, but called her mostly Mabs. She never leaked in my house as far as I could tell. Maybe she just needed someone who would adore her, not ignore her. Would I ever love to have one of those babies.

      1. She was with me a little over three years. So if she was the age the former owner said (14), she left me at 17. She ordered all of us around. She’d bark so hard her front legs would come off the ground. I would explain to people that “she wants what she wants and she wants it NOW.” God I loved that little thing. She went everywhere with me.

        1. Oh – I also should say that I was at the animal shelter when the owners left her there. I personally heard their excuses – I was seeing RED, but I knew I’d be a much better home than she’d had. Who could dump a precious thing like that after they’d had her for 14 years??

  2. Have you visited them? So that your pug can get to know (and smell) you before coming home? Have you left something with your scent on it for them to keep with your new family member?

    My Ramses is a mix of a lot of things but none of them pug. I had a colleague at work that had pugs. A black and a tan like yours. Winston and Orson. Orson loved to dress up. I didn’t believe her but she proved it to me. She left and came back with his bag of hats. He perked up the minute he saw it and danced around. When she sat down he ran up to her and stood up on his hind legs with his front paws on her knees waiting until she put a hat on his head. Then he got down and he strutted around the room like he owned the place. I never saw a display like that.

    Ramses just had his 13th birthday and the vet says his kidneys aren’t as normal as they used to so I’ll be giving him plenty of belly rubs and “me” time whenever he wants. Lucky for him I am retired now so he can be with me as much as he wants.

    Looking forward to the puppy picks when your new family member arrives to his forever home.

    1. No, I haven’t visited the litter of puppies. The breeder is a plane ride away. However, she sends me videos and photos regularly. Yes, most pugs love to “dress up” and then show off. They’re clownish and will do anything to make humans laugh. They seem to all do the dance that you mentioned and spin around. I’m assuming Winston was named after Churchill and Orson after Welles?? Good names!

      I’m sure Ramses is a lucky duck of a dog.

  3. We had our Sydney Bean for 18 years! She was a stubborn little cuss. Did her own thing. Miss her every day. I used to get her shaved in the summer and it cut down on the shedding. She was a silver fawn color. Love you and miss you, Sydney Bean.

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