A Greenhouse for the Backyard!

A small hobby greenhouse for the backyard has been on my outdoor project list for a while.

All Images provided by Lowes

Last week, I perused Lowe’s website and chose this Palram 6×8 greenhouse.

Today, we’ll build a sturdy platform with leftover pressure treated 4x4s and 1/2″ OSB which is sheathing material but will suffice as a temporary platform.

In these promo photos, the greenhouse was placed directly on the ground. However, we prefer a platform base to keep the greenhouse off the ground.

The vent opener prevents the greenhouse from overheating. During the summer, shade cloth is essential if the greenhouse is situated in full sun.
Tip: It’s a good idea to keep a greenhouse journal to track daily high and low temperatures as well as the seeds planted and how long it took to germinate, etc.

The key to a successful hobby greenhouse for the beginner is preventing overcrowding plants, calculating greenhouse space for plant allocation and preventing insect/mite/disease.


I personally chose this product which was provided to me in order to write an impartial review.

4 thoughts on “A Greenhouse for the Backyard!

  1. One of my big wish list items. I have the room, but am not ready to give up my garden space. This looks wonderful and I’m sure you will enjoy it very much!

    1. This looks lovely. My only issue is the ventilation. As in, I don’t think the door and roof vent will be enough. Recommend placing it so you/John can add a second door sraight across from the existing one to get serious flow-through air for your hottest days.

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