is Two Years Old!

Yesterday, my blog turned two years old.

I dropped Google AdSense and I now only do Amazon Affiliate Marketing which are my personal product picks that you see on the right side of my blog.

So for those of you who are wondering how Amazon Affiliate Marketing works, or you’re wondering about the products on the right side of the screen which change on a regular basis, I can tell you how it works in a nutshell.

First of all, I chose Amazon because it’s the world’s largest ONLINE shopping site. Everybody orders from Amazon. Therefore, I have a better chance that someone will actually buy something. But there are tons of affiliate marketing stores. For instance, a travel blogger might consider affiliate marketing with TripAdvisor.

How does it work? When someone clicks on one of the Amazon products on the right side of the screen, Cookies on your computer or personal device (such as a smartphone or tablet) will save the information for 30 days. That means if you don’t buy anything when you click on a product but visit Amazon again within 30 days of clicking I will earn a small commission.

The percentage I earn does not affect your purchase price. I get a 4% commission of the sale and after a certain number of purchases, the commission increases to 6%. The commission rate incrementally increases.

December is a good month for sales and has been my best month so far. I reached 12% toward the end of the month but obviously didn’t make that commission for the majority of the sales earlier in the month.

Yesterday, I earned 75 cents on an order that was shipped.

I can see what  people purchase but I can’t see who purchased the products. To give you an example, one person bought KIND bars and another person on another day bought a clothespin bag.

With Amazon there are additional ways to earn commissions such as bounties which I don’t do and targeted ads which I don’t do (only because I don’t have the time to figure it out).

For anyone out there who has a blog I think Amazon Affiliate marketing is the best route to take to earn a little bit of money. For me it covers the annual costs of having the blog and will cover shipping costs for gift giveaways, etc.



6 thoughts on “ is Two Years Old!

  1. As a Canadian following your blog, I shop at Would it still give you a commission from a Canadian purchase?

      1. I think you’d have to sign up with but maybe not.

        I go to and and find that some of my information follows me no matter what amazon in the world I’m shopping at. Address and payment information but not wishlists.

  2. That may have been me. I bought that clothespin bag on April 1. But I don’t recall following a link from here. Maybe at some point I signed up with you and amazon and it just automatically happened.

    The bag doesn’t have the best reviews but I can repurpose the wire hanger and make a better bag when this one wears out. No biggie. Better fabric, boning around the top and two large eyelets. I’ll use it as is for now. I will modify it by squaring off the bottom corners so it’s more of an open bag than a flat envelope.

  3. Hi, congrats! I remember the first time I visited your blog, the hoarding got my attention as I had just finished with my Uncle’s estate (he had quite the hoard). Lots has happened in 2 years (I moved from California to Michigan) Amazing transformation on your house…and your husband is an amazing craftsman! Best to you!

  4. Congratulations on this milestone ! You and John have come a long way ! I’ve enjoyed your journey, almost from the start, when you were just documenting the Horde, and wondering if you should or shouldn’t. We’re glad you did !! Thanks for it all.
    Mark the Mason

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