DIY Gutters at Brick House 319

Yesterday, our gutters arrived on the delivery truck. John ordered two 25′ gutters for the original part of the house.

Jimmy, the delivery driver, arrived early and started the machine that rolls the gutters out. There’s a roll of aluminum in the truck which fabricates the gutters onsite and to the desired length.

We ordered 5″gutters. It took just a few minutes to roll out both gutters. Quick and easy!

Two brackets held the gutter in place as it came out of the truck.

Jimmy measured the gutter as it came out and cut it at 25 feet.

Ready to cut the first gutter…

Prior to the gutters going up, John installed new fascia on the existing part of the house.

John set up saw horses on the side of the house to hold both gutters. Later in the day, Frank who is a roofer, came over and helped John install the gutters.

Total cost for gutters, miscellaneous supplies and delivery fee: $197.00


4 thoughts on “DIY Gutters at Brick House 319

  1. Yay for gutters! I love the view of the house from the picture where he is carrying the gutters to the sawhorses.

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