One Year Ago

I took this photo one year ago today, when John was installing the Hardie siding.

And today I took the photo below. This summer, the project list includes finishing the master bedroom balcony, installing bluestone steps leading to the kitchen entrance (French doors), installing the new Simpson back door leading into the mudroom from the patio (brick section). Finishing the siding on the west side of the house and on the front of the house along with a new front walkway, front steps (bluestone), finishing the front porch/installing posts, and last but not least, new garage door and new front door.

By the time cold weather hits in November, we’ll be focusing on the interior work again (new floors) and kitchen.

When we started this top to bottom renovation/new addition, someone said to us, “You’ll be on the 5-year plan.” He was correct!


4 thoughts on “One Year Ago

  1. Brick House 319 looks prettier every day. So happy to follow along even though I don’t comment often!

  2. It’s good to see the progress ! You’ve slayed the major dragons, and now it’s dealing with the odds & ends without being overwhelmed. Good job, keep it up ! Soon you’ll turn this house into a home. It will be great to see the porch finished, and the balcony. One thing at a time………

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