The Little Jobs Take A Lot of Time

Today, John cut two right angles for the roof on the box bay window. It looks like a small job but it’s jobs like this one that take so long; a big job can actually go faster.

It doesn’t help that we went from spring to high summer temperatures overnight. It’s 94 degrees today. Yesterday, it was 92.

After John finished the trim on the two windows above, he finished what needed to be done on the box bay roof.

We can’t wait to finish the siding; the Tyvek will be forever hidden.

Of course, a bunch of tools for a little job. One day, this will be our finished patio.

This compressor is a real workhorse. John bought it over ten years ago.


One thought on “The Little Jobs Take A Lot of Time

  1. So true that the little jobs take forever. We worked and reworked on our house for 25 years and decided that the littlest job would take an average of 17 tools!

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