MAIN LINE TODAY Magazine Voted Brick House 319 Best DIY Blog!

Photo CourtesyMain Line Today

It’s true…hard work pays off. My blog is now over two years old and I still look forward to writing each post. Whether it’s a long post or a short and sweet post, I often have my blog on my mind. And so does John. He’s always saying, “You should put that on your blog.”

I don’t verbally advertise my blog to anyone. I’m not one to mention or boast about having a blog about our home. When I’m at work, where I have access to tons of people and where I could easily tell lots of co-workers about my blog, I don’t. In all the time I’ve had my blog, I have told only three co-workers. Sometimes I dream about having a Type A personality, going to work and telling hundreds of people about my blog and acquiring more subscribers. But I’ll never do it.

So this brings me to mentioning that it’s extra nice when someone has found Brick House 319 and likes it, likes it enough to mention it in a magazine.

About a month ago, I received an email from someone at Main Line Today Magazine, a regional magazine about the Main Line of Philadelphia where Brick House 319 is located. The email gave me a head’s up about the annual “Best of the Main Line” issue due out on newsstands on June 27th– Brick House 319 is among the 300 winners mentioned under Best DIY Blog.

Whoever works at the magazine and chose to include my blog, thank you. I appreciate it.

I’m looking forward to reading the July issue when it comes out in four days.

Travel Tuesday: Chalet Helvetia in Murren

The walkway leads to a staircase leading to a top floor 4-room apartment in this old Swiss chalet in Murren, Switzerland.

I stumbled upon Chalet Helvetia after a few trips to Murren…


With AirBnB, it appears that many people are jumping on the bandwagon and booking a cute or unusual place for a night or a week. But long before AirBnB, the idea of renting a spare room or apartment in Europe had been going on for decades.

This rental doesn’t advertise on AirBnB. It’s cute, basic and located above the Lauterbrunnen Valley (Berner Oberland Region) with arresting views of the Swiss Alps.



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Corner Bead + Spackle

After all my previous  posts on spackling, I don’t think there’s anything new to say about joint compound and applying it to drywall.

After John spackled all the rooms in the house,  the mudroom won’t take long to do.

The room is 8′ x 11.’ (Cute size)

Something happened in the area this afternoon which caused us to lose power for a couple of hours. And then there was a torrential downpour that lasted for about 10 minutes. The humidity is high to say the least.

Yesterday, I worked a trip to Aruba. I overheard two passengers talking about their trip during boarding at Queen Beatrix Airport. He said, “I always have a good vacation here.” His seat partner said, “The people are nice too.”

I asked another passenger while flying down to Aruba where she was staying. She replied, “We have a timeshare. “We’ve been going to Aruba for 30 years.”

Did you know that on a clear day, you can see Venezuela from Aruba?

We have vacationed on Aruba. If you want to have a nice vacation on a Caribbean island that has something to offer everyone, add this destination to your travel list.