Blooming Lilies from Longfield Gardens

I was just thinking the other day about when the lilies on the west side of the house will bloom. I knew it would be any day.

To reach my car I have to walk right by them so when I left the house early yesterday morning to work a trip to Montego Bay, I glanced down at them in the dark, and thought, I bet today is the day they’ll bloom.

Sure enough, I pulled in the driveway last night, when it was almost dark out, and several had bloomed.

Today I fed the lilies Miracle-Gro and took these photos while they’re at the height of their beauty.

Longfield Gardens in New Jersey sent me these bulbs over a year ago. The lilies above are called “Playtime.” They have a lovely fragrance, not too intoxicating–not yet anyway. When the others bloom, they will become intoxicating.

Actually, my lilies have slightly brighter colors than the same lilies on Longfield Garden’s website. I don’t enhance any of my photos so what you see is what you get. However, ten days ago I fed them Miracle-Gro for the first time this season knowing that they would be blooming soon. I think this is the reason my lilies are bolder in color.

This lily is called Lily Oriental Salmon Star. The stripes are a salmon/peach shade and the freckles are a dark pink.

Did you know that lilies can be deadly to a cat?

If a cat bites into a lily leaf or petal, licks the pollen from its paws or drinks water from a vase containing lilies, he or she can develop kidney failure which is often fatal. (According to University of California veterinarians)

Lilies are among my top five favorite perennials.


5 thoughts on “Blooming Lilies from Longfield Gardens

  1. They’re gorgeous, Sue! I tried growing Asiatic lillies and they got to the stage of days from the buds opening. I walked out the next morning and the deer had neatly nipped off every large bud. So frustrating, but one of the downsides of living out in a rural area.
    Interestingly, they leave day lillies alone. Go figure!


  2. Yes, in our Mid-Atlantic area, the deer will gobble up anything..except the tiger lilies you see everywhere. Native plants have there own defensive capabilities !

    1. No Mark! Daylilies are Asiatic in origin and an invasive weed in many places. Beautiful forsure though….but not native.

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