A Fresh Coat of RUST-OLEUM 2X on a Wicker Chair



I found this child-size wicker rocking chair at a yard sale and thought it would be perfect for another one of my RUST-OLEUM 2X Paint + Primer makeovers.

I used a stiff-bristled brush to scrape off paint which had started to flake off, followed by washing it with a bucket of water using a mild detergent.

After the chair air-dried I began the fun part! With the RUST-OLEUM can I sprayed the underside and back of the chair first with 2 thin coats of ‘Candy Pink’ in GLOSS–allowing it to dry between coats. A third/finish coat was necessary for solid coverage.



Voila! A fresh coat makes it look brand-new. It took one can of RUST-OLEUM 2X to complete this project.


Note: RUST-OLEUM provided/donated the paint for this project.


4 thoughts on “A Fresh Coat of RUST-OLEUM 2X on a Wicker Chair

  1. Thanks for the instructions. I have a wicker chair that needs painting and, not being handy at DIY at all, was wondering how to do it and what paint to use. You answered my unasked questions. Thank you.

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