A Gigantic Green Satellite Dish in the Backyard


We asked Bill, “Is that a satellite dish in the backyard?” “How on earth did you get it here?” Bill said that his fellow hoarder friend had a van with a trailer and somehow the two of them managed to get it on the trailer, drive down the highway, and get it back to the house. Bill said, “You should have seen the looks we got on the road.”

IMGP2663John is 6ft so the dish is about 13ft high.

IMGP2797The only way to get rid of the dish is to cut it up with a grinder and recycle the aluminum.

Several locals have stopped by the house and told us for years, driving by, they would see Bill unloading his friend’s car or van and carrying things in the house or backyard. People were aware of the situation but I guess didn’t think much beyond it. They knew he was hoarding. After all, the hoard moved forward to the front yard.

Another person who lives in the neighborhood behind us said that they knew Bill from local yard sales.

Years ago, I think one of the neighbors DID say something about the hoard in the yard. I don’t know the details, and that neighbor moved over ten years ago. Maybe they moved because they couldn’t do anything about it??

If anyone would like to upcycle this satellite dish and turn it into a gazebo, tiki hut or an umbrella awning, please email me at brickhouse319@yahoo.com A couple of commenters suggested ideas and it prompted me to add this note to today’s post. If you live in Southeastern PA, central or south Jersey, or Delaware, come and pick it up before it’s chopped up with a grinder. Obviously, it would be an issue transporting it.


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