A Painted Orchid Terra-cotta Pot

As most of you know, terra-cotta is a naturally porous material. It acts like a wick absorbing moisture through the wall of the pot .


A terra-cotta orchid pot provides exceptional drainage and circulation for an orchid plant.

This is the second terra-cotta pot that I’ve painted. Next time I will lightly sand any rough spots, especially on the bottom of the pot. I read this tip after I painted both pots. It’s not necessary to sand but it’s nice to have a smooth surface.


You’ll recognize the Ocean Mist color that I also used on the pine outdoor table. I sprayed two coats on the orchid pot.

It’s absolutely necessary to spray terra-cotta pots on the inside with a sealer before painting. If you skip this step, when watering a plant, the moisture will bubble the paint.

I bought PLAID Clay Pot Sealer at Michaels but there are many sealers, such as Thompson’s WaterSeal for multi-surfaces.


I sprayed the terra-cotta pot with the sealer and let it dry for 24 hours before painting.


Followed with two coats of RUST-OLEUM 2X in Ocean Mist.


Next I’ll paint something decorative with the DecoArt Patio Paint and ArtMinds exterior paint that I bought at Michaels.



6 thoughts on “A Painted Orchid Terra-cotta Pot

  1. I’m curious — doesn’t painting the pot and sealing it stop the water-wicking, porous qualities that you mentioned were good?

    1. The porous nature of terra-cotta draws moisture from the potting soil and therefore dries out quickly. My plants in terra-cotta pots placed in full sun have to be watered twice per day and creates higher-maintenance. So sealing the pots is beneficial to keep the moisture in for a longer period of time. Even if you’re not planning to paint pots, it’s a good idea to seal them. However, I would NOT use sealer if growing anything edible. I don’t know if it would be safe to do so and would rather not take a chance. Maybe some sealers are safe for edible plants but I’m not sure which brand. 🙂

  2. Those two new colors are going to look fabulous with the ocean mist. Those are totally my colorways. I love the cool jewel tones.

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