Agreeing to Buy Brickhouse319


Several days went by since meeting Bill. He called John and said he would like to meet with us and discuss the sale of the house in more detail. He asked us to go over to where he is living now. Bill had moved out of Brick House 319 about four years ago. He would regularly stop by the house for his mail and check on things but didn’t live there anymore. The house was dormant, the water was turned off and the furnace didn’t work. However, the electricity was on. (Later, down the road, when it got cold this winter, the inside of the house was fairly warm due to the excessive amount of paper insulating it.)

On July 1, we drove over to where Bill lives now with Kiwi, our pug. Kiwi was having anxiety separation issues due to the accidental death of our other pug, so we brought him everywhere with us. Later, down the road, I observed that having Kiwi at the house was therapeutic for Bill.

I’m pretty sure many of you will have questions about Bill’s present living circumstances. I want to protect his privacy. He does hoard where he lives now to the same extent as how he hoarded at the house. The only exception is that where he lives now is a very small place with not much space. Everything in his place is organized in the same orderly fashion as the house.

We arrived. The same type camera was on Bill’s door. We entered. Bill was sitting in his wheel chair. Bill walks with a walker. He doesn’t use a wheelchair for getting around purposes; he uses it as a chair. It was extremely cramped inside the window-less space and just enough room for the wheelchair. There was a hospital-style bed on the right, so I had two choices, I could stand or sit on the edge of the bed. I decided to sit on the edge of the bed (asking permission first). John kneeled on the floor. To my left was a computer screen connected to the outdoor camera with live camera footage. I found it intriguing glancing over at the screen and seeing people walk by my car parked outside.

We talked for a while and then the conversation turned to purchasing the house. John and I never lived beyond our means. We sold our previous small house where we lived for 18 years and could buy another house in our price range. Up until late February, I was driving a 15-year old Honda Accord with 350,000 miles on it. Our pick-up truck is 12 years old. I dismiss comments on my blog that accuse us of being “entitled,” “privileged” and so on….simply ludicrous and not worth any more discussion other than the 20 seconds it took to write this sentence. (By the way, I delete borderline threatening and slanderous comments.)

The three of us agreed on a deal. John and I would purchase the house with the agreement that we would move all of Bill’s belongings to multiple storage units at our expense. Also, at our expense,  throw remaining junk out. We estimated the amount of labor intensive work and time involved would easily equate to $50,000 to $60,000.

We did it the old-fashioned way. With a pen and paper, we wrote the agreement out, signed and dated it. We shook hands and agreed to meet Bill at the house the following day.

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