Almost Finished on the East Side

The east side is now almost finished. The only section that still needs to be done is the small section forward of the chimney. Once it’s finished this morning, John and Joe will start on the addition’s west side overlooking the patio.


Obviously, the soffit should have been in place before the siding. It should be arriving this week. The new Soffit will also replace the temporary soffit installed at the roof level.

image image image

The small section forward of the chimney will be finished this morning.


The siding on the front of the house will be done last. There isn’t much siding to install  because half is brick and there are two large windows.


Next: The west side.


5 thoughts on “Almost Finished on the East Side

  1. Front: siding or shingles?

    West overlooking the patio: siding or shingles.

    I think the west side is going to take the longest because of the garden window.

    How exciting. So very close to the outside being done.

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