Almost Finished…

By last night, the master bedroom was close to being finished. Today the south wall will be primed followed with the hallway and walk-in closet.

Click here to see addition when it was being framed. 

The east wall…

The north wall. Of course, the leaking French doors have put this wall on hold. We have to remove the doors and install them correctly.

The door manufacturer, Feather River, does not fix the sloppy installation job that the installers did and who were provided by the business owner who framed the addition. And, no, I would never call this individual up to tell him to correct several problems with his work–not worth it.

The west wall…

4 thoughts on “Almost Finished…

  1. I’m curious–is the furnace running or is the solar heat via windows enough to keep the house warm for painting? I may have missed the furnace being hooked up….

    1. The furnace was installed in December 2015 but we could not turn it on because John was insulating the house at the time–all the heat would have escaped. When he finished insulating last March, we turned the furnace on for the first time. I’m glad you asked about the windows. The two large windows high up in the living room (at the front of the house) has sunlight flooding through almost daily which heats the whole area up (including the balcony area in the master bedroom across from the windows). We’re able to keep the thermostat at 60!!!!! It is very toasty upstairs in the master bedroom.

  2. Looks great but, what happened to your French doors that they leaked? When you say leak was it water or air or both?
    I love that you have all of that beautiful sun lite coming in to help warm your home.

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