Awning Window/Mudroom

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, John only lost 4 inches of height above the awning window. There’s just enough space for corner bead around the top of the window.

The Andersen awning window is a 400-series custom size. When fully extended, it opens out at the bottom about 6 inches. It’s perfect for the mudroom. We also have the same window in the garage on the west side of the house.

John will build a bench underneath the window that will be about 8 feet long. It’s going to be fun designing the mudroom, I have lots of ideas. Thankfully, John is able to do all this work. Otherwise, it would be costly to hire a carpenter to build cubbies, bench seating with pullout drawers, shelves (new tiled floor), etc.


2 thoughts on “Awning Window/Mudroom

  1. Mud rooms were out of fashion for many years. Good to see them back, they make sense to me. A place to drop wet, snowy or dirty things. I think mudroom S are a spec where you can let your imagination take over.

    1. I wonder why they went out of fashion? A mudroom helps keep a house clean, tidy and free of muddy footprints. I can’t wait to be able to use it 🙂

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