Back of House: Soffit, Trim, Siding & Sailing

Over the weekend, John installed 12” soffit on the north side of the house. Once the soffit was installed, he nailed the 1×8 cement board trim on the front.


By doing both, it allowed him to continue installing the 4′ shingle fiber cement boards.

We’re getting the house closed up slowly but surely.


Next, we’ll be deciding on the balcony.


The Dewalt 12″ Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw came in handy for quick, easy and accurate cuts. It’s very efficient.


It was in the high 70s on Sunday. In the afternoon, John took a break and went for a sail on his friend’s 19′ Chrysler Mutineer with a large main and fractional jib. There was a nice breeze on the Delaware River. They used to sail on the Sassafras River in the early 1980s.






2 thoughts on “Back of House: Soffit, Trim, Siding & Sailing

  1. Aren’t you excited about the progress, Sue?! It’s coming together so well! Glad to see your hardworking hubby taking some time off. 🙂

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