Backyard Brick Path Idea with Belgian Block


Maybe one day we’ll have a brick path just like this one in our backyard garden. I took these photos at Longwood Gardens, one of my favorite local escapes.


I like how each brick is laid on its side and also how the Belgian block is cut in small squares accenting each side of the path. The Belgian block threshold adds interest, making this brick path exceptional.

With this design, it looks as though more brick is required increasing the cost, but I love the design.


13 thoughts on “Backyard Brick Path Idea with Belgian Block

  1. Oh, do love this delightful image…tell us, again, Sue: where is this Longwood Gardens and it’s purpose?

  2. For folks who have found backyard gray cement utilitarian, but not eye pleasing I thought I’d share an idea I implemented some years ago. I drew squares like floor tiles with a carpenters pencil and then painted them with one light blue and the other medium and it brought the most unexpected surprise when the sun came out and I found the interior of my home bathed in light that looked exactly as though there was a swimming pool in the backyard.

    Upon adding some accent pieces and garden plants in pots the redo was totally amazing and I wished I had developed the idea years before.

  3. I have brick pathways in my back yard similar to that. Put them in about 15 years after I bought the house. Only difference is my brick rows are laid flat instead of on end and the soldier courses on the side are also flat brick instead of square stone.

    I love them.

    Mine are laid in sand as I have pipes and irrigation in the back yard and I wanted the ability to pull up bricks to repair things. Which I have had to do.

    I also have straight brick pathways in the front but they are laid on concrete since I already had 30 year old concrete pathways in very poor shape.

    Here is looking into the back yard from the side gate. You can see some of the pathway leading to the first patio.

  4. I love all different kinds of paths! I am leaning towards a cobblestone path for my yard. I bet you can’t wait for the warm weather to get out there and work in your yard! Are you moving in to the house before you are finished renovating it? It looks so cozy now with the insulation!

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